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If your dog is underweight, you need a high calorie dog food supplement to help them get back up to a healthy weight.

A high calorie dog food for weight gain can help your pup regain their healthy weight. These foods have more protein, fat, and nutrients which can help your dog overcome being underweight.

Let’s find out what you need to know about high calorie dog foods and how you can help your dog get healthy!

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How To Help Your Dog Get The Calories They Need

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It can be tricky to tell if your dog is underweight, skinny, or at a healthy weight for their breed, age, and size. The easiest way to find out if your dog needs to gain weight is just to visit your vet, but you can also find weight guides for your breed and age online that will give you a rough idea of what is healthy for your dog.

There are a few things you can do to help your dog gain some weight. Let’s take a look at three ways of augmenting your dog’s diet for weight gain.

High Calorie Dog Food Supplement

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A high calorie dog food supplement is added to your dog’s food during regular meals to help them gain weight. These are often gels, but they can also be dry dog food, wet food, or other types of supplements.

These are great choices for dogs who are picky eaters or dogs who are on a specialized diet who can’t have a dedicated high calorie dog food.

Wet And Dry High Calorie Food

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An easy way to change your dog’s diet is through high calorie dog food for weight gain.

These foods are packed with protein, fat, and nutrients. They offer more energy and help your dog to put on some weight without having to eat more meals. These dog foods are specialized diets that your dog can go on to help overcome being underweight.

Can Dogs Have High Calorie Human Food?

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You should be very cautious about feeding your dog human food. Human foods often contain things that should never be in a dog’s diet like sugar, spices, and artificial sweeteners. However, there are a few meals that you can share with your dog.

Dogs can have things like roast chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin puree, boiled eggs, and even plain yogurt. Just be careful not to accidentally give your dog any sweets or baked goods as those can cause serious medical problems. You should also never give a dog any kind of candy, including chocolate, as those human foods can cause life-threatening problems for your dog.

How To Help Your Dog Gain Weight

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More About American Staffordshire Bull Terrier

One of the biggest reasons people start looking for high calorie dog food for weight gain is to help their underweight pups get back up to a healthy body weight. Here’s a few essential tips for helping a dog gain weight.

The first thing you want to do is eliminate any environmental stressors. If your dog is stressed out, they won’t be able to have a healthy weight or diet. Recent rescue dogs tend to take more time becoming comfortable in their new home than other dogs might.

Next, take your dog to the vet. Health problems can often cause dogs to lose weight or not be able to gain weight. Your vet can rule out, or treat, anything from intestinal worms to a severe chronic illness.

You also need to work with your dog to find the high calorie dog food for weight gain that works for them. Introduce new foods slowly by changing out their old food in increments of 10% over the course of two weeks.

Dogs also love pumpkin or sweet potato puree. This adds a little kick to their meal and can also help with weight gain. Wet dog food can even help picky eaters as it has a better scent that entices dogs to eat.

What’s In A Good Dog Food?

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A dog’s diet needs to offer a balance of proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Dog food can also contain a mixture of healthy fruits and vegetables that help your dog get the nutrients they need.

Dogs have different nutritional needs based on their breed, activity levels, and their life stage. Dog food blends for puppies, adults, or seniors help dogs get what they need for where they are at in life.

You should talk with your vet about specialized medical dog food blends. There are dog food blends designed to help large dog breeds with joint pain, help with digestive issues, and dog food that is even designed for weight gain or loss.

The Best High Calorie Dog Food for Weight Gain

Best Overall
Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Best Mid Range Option
Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Best Supplement
Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Best for Pitbulls
Our Score 7.0 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com

Miracle Vet 8-in-1 High Calorie Weight Gain Dog Food

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
Miracle Vet 8-in-1 High Calorie Weight Gain Dog Food - 600 kcal Per Cup - 31% Protein - Vet Approved Adult and Puppy Food - Mass and Growth - All-Natural Premium Ingredients - For Delicate Digestion
Miracle Vet 8-in-1 High Calorie Weight Gain Dog Food - 600 kcal Per Cup - 31% Protein - Vet Approved Adult and Puppy Food - Mass and Growth - All-Natural Premium Ingredients - For Delicate Digestion amazon.com Check price

Miracle Vet High Calorie High Protein Weight Gain Dog Food for Adults and Puppies: 600 Calories per cup. That's more than any other dog food in the world. This calorie dense dog food is ideal for a...

Miracle Vet is a well-established brand of dog food. It’s got thousands of positive reviews from dog owners who have helped their pets regain lost weight.

This dog food has a good mixture of proteins and fats. While it’s far from being a high-end dog food, it’s perfect for supplementing your dog’s regular diet so that they can gain weight that they have lost.

It’s also pretty affordable which is the reason that Miracle Vet took our number one spot!

  • Great price
  • Proven results
  • Easy to supplement your dog’s current diet
  • Not the best quality food

Dyne High Calorie Liquid for Dogs

Our Score 8.5 out of 10
Dyne High Calorie Liquid for Dogs, 16 oz(Premium Pack)
Dyne High Calorie Liquid for Dogs, 16 oz(Premium Pack) amazon.com Check price

Provides liquid calories to support weight gain, provide energy, and promote overall health
Perfect for growing pups, pregnant or nursing moms, working dogs, or dogs recovering from surgeries and i...

Now we’re covering a dog food supplement. These are not dog foods themselves, but they are great ways for dogs to get extra calories without needing new dog food.

This supplement comes in a large bottle and you can easily add it to your dog’s favorite food. It has a flavor that dogs enjoy and can even be fed to dogs directly. It’s ideal for all ages and all breeds.

The only downside to this formula is that it has a flavor at all. If your dog doesn't enjoy the taste, then they are not going to be able to make use of this high cal dog food supplement.

  • Most dogs love the flavor
  • Good for all ages and breeds
  • Ideal for dogs recovering from injury, pregnancy, or other conditions
  • Taste can be off putting to some dogs
  • You might need a syringe to give this to your dog

Under the Weather Pet | Ready Cal for Dogs

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
Under the Weather Pet | Ready Cal for Dogs 100cc | High Calorie Nutritional Supplement for Weight Gain & Not Eating | 10 Vitamins, 7 Minerals, Omega Fatty Acids
Under the Weather Pet | Ready Cal for Dogs 100cc | High Calorie Nutritional Supplement for Weight Gain & Not Eating | 10 Vitamins, 7 Minerals, Omega Fatty Acids amazon.com Check price

HELPS DOG GAIN WEIGHT - Filled with healthy ingredients to help your dog gain weight if they aren't eating properly.
STIMULATES APPETITE - When your dog isn't getting proper nutrition due to reason...

This high calorie dog food supplement helps dogs who have lost their appetites. This supplement comes in an easy to use syringe that is perfect for dogs who might not be able to eat normally from their usual dog food bow.

This supplement adds calories and stimulates appetite. The syringe also helps with feeding if your dog has been having some serious trouble with its regular diet.

The flavor is made to be closer to a neutral dog food. It’s great for sensitive pups who are a little shy when it comes to new dog foods.

  • Easy to use syringe
  • Great taste for most dogs
  • Ideal for dogs who are not eating normally
  • Can supplement normal diets
  • You’ll need to buy multiple syringes

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Our Score 7.0 out of 10
Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food (15 lbs.)
Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food (15 lbs.) amazon.com Check price

The ONLY 5 Star rated performance dog food. Rated by the world's #1 online dog food review site.
The ONLY Meat Based formula in its class. Unlike other brands which are plant based, Bully Max dog f...

Sometimes, you need a high cal dog food for a specific breed. While there are too many dog breeds to cover each one, we’re going to touch on one to show you a bit of what’s out there.

This dog food is advertised for multiple breeds, but it’s built for bullies. All kinds of bulldogs can enjoy this high cal dog food. It’s formulated for active dogs that are adding some of that bulk that we know and love in bullies.

The only downside is that this might not be the right choice for your labradoodle. This dog food is also a bit expensive, but that’s to be expected with special blends.

  • High protein diet
  • Backed by professional dog breeders
  • Specifically for pitbulls
  • Better suited for pitbulls

Wrapping Up High Cal Dog Food

Pet accessories still life with food bowl and lots of chew bones for dogs

A high calorie dog food supplement can help your dog regain weight until they reach a healthy body weight for their age, breed, and general health. There are options for high calorie dog food for weight gain that are ideal for all breeds—and even all human budgets!

Don’t forget to talk this over with your vet to make sure you get the right food for your dog!

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