Jul 26, 2022

Though dogs do not speak English, they have a language of their own and are fully capable of communicating and interacting with us. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs may whine if they are in pain, need attention, feel stressed or scared, want something, or want to say they are sorry. Once a dog starts to whine, it can become a regular habit. Help your dog by trying to understand why they are whining and find a solution to help them stop.

Why is My Dog Whining for No Reason?

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According to the ASPCA, whining is one of the many ways a dog can vocally communicate. There are many reasons why dogs seem to whine for no reason, but to them, there is a significant reason. For example, most dogs will whine when they want attention, get excited, or become anxious. Other dogs may whine because they want to please you or use it as a greeting.

Other reasons for whining may include separation anxiety, an injury causing pain, or a medical condition.

What are Possible Reasons for Whining According to The Pet's Gender?

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In some situations, when a dog whines, it could be related to the pet's gender. For example, a male dog may whine for excitement, apprehension, anxiety, or anticipation. The whining may increase if a female dog is in heat in the nearby vicinity. For the female, they may become more vocal when in heat in an attempt to attract a male as a form of a mating call.

Why is My Dog Whining Suddenly at Night and in His Sleep?

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If you notice your dog is suddenly starting to whine at night or in their sleep, it could be because the dog is suffering from a recent injury or has developed a medical condition. Your dog whining at night may also result in the dog being too stimulated before going to sleep or suffering from continued anxiety from you being gone longer during the day than usual.

Sit down with your dog to see if they are in pain or give them the attention they seek. If the dog appears uncomfortable or the whining continues, take them to see their veterinarian see if there is an explanation for the whining.

How do I Get My Dog to Stop Whining at Night?

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If you notice your dog starts whining at night, it is first essential to determine the cause of their communication method. In most cases, if you know why they are whimpering, it is possible to help get them to stop and prevent future whining for the same reason. However, if it is still unknown why your pet might be whimpering and whining, it is possible to help them stop by comforting your pet.

Some ways to help your dog to stop whining at night include:

  • Crate training: Dogs who are crated trained may whine at first, but once they are used to being in the crates at night, they should stop whining and go to sleep when in the crate.
  • Be comforting: Provide your dog with comfort without giving it too much attention. Instead of letting the dog out of the crate or allowing it to crawl in bed with you, consider rubbing the dog's belly and assuring your dog everything will be okay.
  • Wear out the dog: Many times at night, when a dog, especially a puppy, whines, it is because they are not ready for bed. During the day, make sure to wear the dog out by going on a long walk, playing in the yard, or keeping them from napping throughout the day.
  • Maintain a routine: Some dogs may experience anxiety when daily routines get changed. Maintain the same schedule daily or as close to the same schedule as possible.
  • Limit distractions: At bedtime, it is best to limit the distractions which may keep the dog awake and eventually start to whimper. Limiting distractions includes turning off as many lights as possible, turning television volumes down, and, if necessary, covering the crate to block out the light and sound.

How Do I Stop My Adult Dog from Whining?

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When you're left wondering "why my dog whines at night," there are things you can do to help stop your dog from whining. Adult dogs may have more to their whining than needing attention or learning it is bedtime, which is when most puppies tend to whine. Take time to console your dog and determine if they are in pain or uncomfortable, which could signify a serious medical condition. If your adult dog is suddenly whining, schedule an appointment with the veterinarian to check for any possible medical conditions.

How Do I Stop My Puppy from Whining?

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Though puppies are a welcome addition to any family, they are more prone to nighttime whining than older dogs may be. Most puppies will stop whining once they learn the household routine and become familiar with you and your family. However, it is a huge adjustment for them to get acclimated, so it may take time to get them settled in their new environment. Though it may be tempting to pick up your puppy and hold it if there is no reason for their whining, other than not wanting to be in their crate, it might be best to leave them in their crate, so they get used to it.

During the day, ensure your puppy gets plenty of exercise and limit food and water about one hour before bedtime. If desired, play soft, calming music to help your puppy relax and place the crate where the puppy can see you and be reassured you are still there.

Should I Ignore My Dog Crying at Night?

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If you have ever had a dog whine at night, their whining has pulled at your heartstrings and got you to get up and pay attention to them. Our first instinct is to take care of our fur babies, and that is done by petting, loving, and cuddling with them. If the dog is suddenly whining, before deciding to ignore them, it is best to check to ensure they are not injured, stuck, in pain, or needs to go potty. If all looks good, console them, and it might be necessary to let them whine, especially if they are puppies until they become comfortable with your home and their new life.

How can I help my dog sleep at night?

Having a pet is similar to raising children. It is always best to have a bedtime routine, including dinnertime, pre-bed walks, potty, and enjoy final playtime or snuggle time. Give them their favorite toy or chew when putting your dog to bed in their crate or designated sleeping area.

Some dogs, especially puppies, struggle to settle down at bedtime. If your dog struggles with going to be at night, work on reassuring your dog they are not alone. If a dog cannot see you, they may feel alone, which is why they might whine. If your dog goes to bed but wakes up and starts whining, take them out to the potty to ensure that is not the reason. Try not to give them too much attention; eventually, they will realize that this time of the night is bedtime.

Is there anything I can get to help my pet sleep at night?

Several things can help your dog sleep at night, including providing some calming items in their crate. Several items include warming blankets, pillows that make heartbeat sounds, and other cuddly plush items to offer your pet something to snuggle into and feel secure. Some items include the Calming and Anti-Anxiety Cuddler Warming Cushion, the Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy, and the Anxiety Heartbeat Comfort Stuffed Animal.

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Why Do Dogs Cry or Whimper When They Sleep?

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You may discover your dog is whining when they are sound asleep. When your dog is deep in slumber, it can start to cry or whimper. If your dog starts to do this in their sleep, it is often best to let them sleep because if you do wake them, the dog could get startled and unintentionally bite you.

Though we do not know what dogs dream about, they have dreams that may cause them to make noise while sleeping, such as whimpering, whining, crying, growling, and barking. If you need to comfort your dog, instead of petting them, softly call the dog's name until they wake up on their own. Once awake, you can give them a few pets to help calm them down and get the dog back to sleep.

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